Terms and Conditions

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Cakes by Nina cakes are all homemade using quality ingredients, only free range eggs are used, though cakes and cookies are made nut free to the best of our knowledge we can only be guided by the manufacturers details on the packaging, we therefore cannot personally guarantee no nuts, and because each cake is individual to you there will be slight differences in design.

Rainbow cakes are an additional charge to make due to how time consuming they are to make they also contain artificial colourings to get the vibrant colours we are not responsible for any side effects this may cause

To confirm an order we do require our Celebration cake order form completed or confirmed via email together with our initial booking deposit depending on cake price.  At order stage if no flavour is chosen our vanilla will be used, please note no changes will be able to be made two weeks prior to an order as we get products in specific to make your cake, please appreciate that it is a four day process to make your cake (not including decorations).  Due to the high volume of silent treatment, and not enough man hours to keep chasing,  we have to go with what is stated on the order form Thank you for your understanding. This also applies to order slot confirmation, if no booking fee is received within three days of order placed (we do not have the man hours available to chase this) we will presume you no longer want the slot and will offer it out to some one else.


Ganache is used specifically for a lovely finish, which you dont get from using just buttercream especially in warmer weather, so it is used as a great foundation to then cover in fondant which is used for decorative purposes it is your choice as an individual whether you want to eat it or not.

In the unlikely event your cake should be faulty we do have a complaints procedure in place, and this is handled separately than directly with the owner Nina at Cakes by Nina.

On collection of your cake and it leaving our premises, even if it is by a representative on your behalf you are confirming you are happy with the design you have been given, all designs are up to interpretation as to what Cakes by Nina feel looks the best for you.

Please note that buttercream cakes have a shorter shelf life than fondant covered cakes, as there is nothing to seal it in and also they are alot more unstable so need to be kept in the coolest place possible.

Please note when choosing rainbow cakes they do come up really, really tall due to the amount of different layers that are required to make it, also they are alot more expensive to do than an ordinary cake due to the fact they are extremely time consuming to produce.

The higher the cake is the more supports will need to be used for structural purposes, ie dowels.  If you have figures made dried spaghetti, lollipop sticks or skewers have been used inside for supports.  Flowers, though classed as edible we do not recommend you eating as they contain wires and sometimes polystrene buds to keep the weight down.

Celebration Cake booking fee is required to guarantee your slot and to purchase materials towards your project, once received your slot is yours.

Full payment of Celebration cakes is at least two days before the event if paying online, other wise full payment on collection is required.  NO CAKE WILL LEAVE PREMISES WITHOUT PRIOR PAYMENT.  If this isn't paid then your cake will not be delivered or released unless otherwise agreed.  When we are due to deliver your cake full payment is to be received two days prior to delivery thank you.

Cancellations of orders must be received at least two weeks prior to your specified delivery date and received by email, but please note initial deposits will not be refunded unless under extreme circumstances.  In extreme circumstances Cakes by Nina reserves the right to cancel an order and also reserves the right to refuse an order due to exceptional circumstances.

Cakes by Nina will not disclose your personal details to any third parties.

With regard to the supply of allergy cakes, Cakes by Nina always lists the ingredients used so please ensure you read this carefully and if you have read this carefully then please enjoy, Cakes by Nina holds no responsiblity for any reactions due to an allergy free cake, it is the sole responsibility of the client.

We do not recommend transporting cakes in footwells, laps or car seats the best place is a nice flat surface, we suggest the boot with a non slip mat.  We also suggest though airconditioning helps in the hotter climate it doesn't stop radiant heat from windows melting your cake so a reflective blanket is a good idea too.

Once a cake has left the premises it is NO LONGER the responsibility of Cakes by Nina, unless we have delivered and set up for you.

If decorations should accidentally fall off melted chocolate acts as a great glue.

Delivery Pricing Structure

Our standard delivery and set up charge is £20 but depending on venue this will be quoted separately, frimley park, and sandhurst are free of charge

Collection is obviously completely free.

We are happy to meet half way somewhere too (if we are available) still at the above prices though

Having just completed several long journey deliveries (and sitting in lots of traffic) we realised we had to put a proper pricing structure in place, this includes time, wear and tear on the car and obviously fuel expenditure, please remember cakes and decorations are very fragile.


We cannot gurantee a nut free environment due to the fact we do not have a separate preparation area from the rest of our work, also we use products that some manfacturers state may contain nuts.

If your allergy is life threatening we WILL NOT take on the order.

We ask you read our allergen label which will be stapled to your packaging before consumption, failure to do so is the clients responsibility any reaction caused will be the clients responsibility and not Cakes by Nina