Food Hampers
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We are unable to compete with the large supermarkets but have done our best to keep our prices down to help bring some yummy joy whilst we cope with what is going on at the moment.  We only use quality ingredients and everything is made by hand and not large machinery -  local delivery on Wednesday and Fridays, this is for a limit time only, unless it becomes really popular,  we hope it brings some joy to your lifes as we know nice food makes us happy.
You can place your order here, we are happy to do this weekly for you or a one off, we have two options you can pick and choose items you would like in your hamper or you can have our standard hamper which includes all the following for 24 pounds sterling , it doesn't include any add on items and only one cake so please advise which, payment to be received before delivery and can be done via paypal at cakesbynina@talktalk.net (please use the friend payment option so we don't incur a handling fee), or bank transfer we can supply details or we have a card paying machine which is contactless, if paying in person, all deliveries will be in the afternoon as we will be baking your items fresh in the morning, you will be advised what day the should be available for you.  Please do not send any payments until you have had a confirmation from us that we can fulfil your order for you due to the current supply of materials situation.
Our standard hamper includes, 6 freshly baked fresh white rolls, 6" cake chocolate or vanilla, 6 scones, 6 tarts, 6 biscuits, all are handbaked to order with no added colourings or preservatives using only organic ingredients, as these are baked to order they do have a shorter self life than what they would if you brought from the supermarket, we recommend you eat your rolls within two days of purchase or they do freeze really well, same with the scones, heating them back up slightly really makes them taste like theyve just come out of the oven, and the sponge cake can be frozen.
Please be mindful I cant do volume orders for one household at the moment as I want enough to go around, hence why there is a limit of six on everything and one 6" cake, this will be based on first come basis and you will be advised when I can fulfil your order - Thank you so very much x x x

We are taking this social distancing very seriously, so we ask that once you receive your invoice/delivery note from us you make payment direct using the alternative payment options available, contactless will not be provided until we feel it is safe to do so, we will deliver in the afternoon of day advised and leave the parcel on your doorstep return to our vehicle and call you or text to let you know it is on your doorstep we will wait to see you collect it and drive off.  A friendly wave and a smile will go a long way x x x x
We are looking at roughly 20 min max catchment area at the moment, incls Camberley, Farnborough, Yateley, Aldershot, Bagshot, Fleet, Ash,  Mytchett, Frimley, Sandhurst, Lightwater, Bisley, Farnham

To protect us so we can carry on with this service we kindly ask if you or any member of your family are showing signs of the virus please can we kindly ask you pay upfront all details will be sent to you and your package will be left on your door on the day we advise, we are unable to keep exact time schedule just it will be any time after 1pm on your designated day thank you x

Please note for some reason it wont recognise the pound sign but the question mark within the diamond is actually a pound sign sorry for any confusion I will try and get it rectified.
We are currently limiting 1 batch of rolls per household per week due to difficulty getting flour at the moment, and 1 hamper per week to the same household, once order had been received we will let you know availability and advise you of the date and time slot for your delivery if you have chosen that option, and ways to pay, there will be a delivery charge of 1.50 just to help towards fuel, minimum order value of around 15 is required for delivery option.  Please also bare with us we might not be able to fulfil all your requirements should we have problems getting supplies so please do bare with us thank you so very much.

Please also note we are making a tiny profit on this item we have cut it back to the bare bones as much as we can, we want to share some community love but also try and keep our business afloat during this difficult time, your support is truly appreciated x x

We would like to offer a recycling service too, we will use a new paper liner each time we use them, and won't reuse for 24 hours upon receipt to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned before recycling, your food will not be in contact with this tray anyways, its just a method of carrying all your bits, we will be running a high hygiene policy and will be making sure hands are washed thoroughly regularly throughout the day, and our delivery driver will santise his hands after each delivery where soap and water isn't available, and everyone has been instructed to clean their hands regularly using the guidance available to us.  Please be assured that our kitchen is kept to a very high standard of cleanliness before we start any projects and afterwards. Your items will be on boards or in individual bags, if you are ordering regularly from us we would appreciate that on your second order you hand back your tray if in nice condition  so we can reuse thank you x x. Please also be reassured that all the packaging and liner papers I am using is stock I already had before the outbreak of this virus hence why I would like to try and recycle if I can only if it comes back from a household with no signs of the virus thank you so very much.

Delivery is probably going to be Wednesday and Friday at the moment dependant how popular this is going to be, and will be after 1pm cause we will be baking scones and bread fresh in the morning, please note that we will not be able to provide an exact time slot thank you.
Minimum order value is 15 pounds sterling and there is an one pound fifty delivery charge if you choose this option
Easter Options are not currently available until week commencing 6th April but we are taking pre orders for them.  Due to time there are no pictures at the moment but once an order is placed I will get an image posted, they will be cute though x these bunnies are super cute and are a bit bigger than a kinder egg